Rami “My Favorite Spot”

People Inspiring People

Hi, my name is Ramiro Z. (RamZep) and this is my “favorite spot”.

It is my pleasure to be part of this photo project. I am a travel photographer and I love my profession. My profession is a lifestyle full of adventure that I enjoy and I’m always delighted to share with everyone.

I chose this place because it means a lot to me. As I said before, I am a travel photographer and I have visited many places where I have had the opportunity to take photos. Places where I discovered more about myself and other cultures. I could name many places to be featured in this photo project, but I think no other place compares to this one.


Here on this debris, lies many memories – the beginning of my story. There are stories to remember, specifically my childhood.  This spot once held a small house where I grew up in with 9 people (my mom’s sisters, my grandma, grandpa, mom, dad & me)



This place is where I started to dream and of course, I couldn’t believe what the future would have for me. We had good times and bad times, but mostly great moments, and if I think about it, a great family full of love.

“Of course, I miss those times”






This place is special because here is where I started to dream. My roots are here in this community, on this soil; I just wanted to see the outer world because I needed to discover what’s beyond my boundaries. I decided to let my roots grow. Then, I started my race of my life, but I will end my life whenever and wherever I want


The world is our home, and we deserve to live every moment in it. I don’t believe that we belong to a certain place. I do believe that the only certain thing is that our inherited condition of being human is bigger than any type of tag.



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