Harlem G. “My Favorite Spot”

People Inspiring People

It was good to hear from Harlem G.

Harlem first contacted me when she saw my post describing my new photo project “My Favorite Spot.” She was excited to hear more about the series of stories that I was about to launch. I loved that she did not hesitate to message me, and she was incredibly eager to be one of the first people featured in the series of inspiring stories. She took the brave step to share a tiny yet significant part of her life. Here it is her favorite spot.  

“My name is Harlem Galeano and this is ‘My Favorite Spot.'”

My favorite place in Managua is the Chapel of Divine Mercy. It is a chapel that holds the blessed sacrament that is always on display and I faithfully visit it; I have passed many trials in my life, and here is where I have vented my troubles. I still attend this place faithfully. It is a very special place.

Watch The Video Here

I have been through many trials in my life. Since I have found this chapel, God has done his work in me. This place has been my oasis.

I leave this place full of tranquility, hope, and peace. I accept everything that comes from God to my life and by the grace of Him, I have gone ahead. I’ve seen countless miracles in my life.


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